Thursday, August 14, 2003
I'm in a bit of a ficcing slump again. Well, I guess the term 'still' would be more accurate. Ah, the hell with it anyways.

I think I'll try to work more on the HaruxHana fic this week. I have no ideas where to go with it, though. *kicks fic*

Michelle has posted more of The Wasteland on her site. I'm in heaven. If you've never read her CCS fics, I highly suggest them. And not only is she a great writer, but she's hella nice too. *much wub*

Sakura, thanks for the comments! *hugs* I'm pretty happy with this bit of fic and I'm glad you liked it. Now, if only I could finish the darn thing... ^^;;;

Friday, July 18, 2003
*dusts blog off*

After about a billion months I've finally managed to put together chapter one of the Hana-chan/Hatsuharu ficcie. Gah. I can't believe it took me so long to write this teeny little bit of writing...what the hell is wrong with me? Oh, I know, I'm lazy. Yeah, that's it. XD

here it is.

I need a title. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.

Wednesday, June 18, 2003
An interesting article in the Washington Post about fan fiction that was brought to my attention.

Hey, whadda ya know? The creators of SugarQuill are from good ole Baltimore. Yeah. Baltimore rocks.

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Monday, June 16, 2003
Well, nothing new but I thought I should at least do a progress update.

Been working on the revision of FHR. I'm finished with the prologue and almost finished chapter one. I just have to flesh it out a little but I know what I want to write so it shouldn't take me long. I really need to come up with a new title for this fic. But, I'm too tired to think right now so I'll think of one later. (Really it's only taken me this long to revise such a little bit because I haven't been feeling this fic at all lately. I really need inspiration to write.) I was reading over the fic and I realized there are some parts that I really like. Maybe I won't have to do as much revising as I thought. Maybe I just have to add some things to flesh out characters and such. Hmmm. Too tired...can't think...

Been fooling with the Touya/Tomoyo as well. Not much progress but I have a few ideas for it.

Also been fooling with the Haru/Hana-chan. I'm almost finished the first chapter. There are a couple things I need to work out and then I'll post it.

Hopefully this burst of inspiration will last for awhile.

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Sunday, May 04, 2003
Well, I finished the Kyoru. Here's the link. Don't know if I'm happy with it or not. Course, it was hard to write a lemon for them that early on in the series, there's just so much that happens later...ah well. I think I did an ok job of keeping them in character at least. Gah. I value opinions...comments would be muchly muchly appreciated. ^_^

Am toying with the idea of writing a Yukiru now, just to keep the balance. I musn't let Kyo have all the fun. It wouldn't be fair. XD

Of course, I have to finished the Haru/Hana-chan fic first. Weeee.

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Wee. A quiz. Posted the results here cuz it won't let me at the other blog without messing up the layout.

Which HP Kid Are You?

After you take the test check out the fanart. Tis worth it. Wee.

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Tuesday, April 29, 2003
A rather long snippet of the Kyoru. It's for a contest called 'Kyo and Tohru's Wicked Delightful Hot Spring Trip Lemon Contest'. Er...so...yesh this will become a lemon. I just haven't gotten to that part yet. *blushes and runs away*

Tohru tiptoed carefully towards the door sliding it open and letting a cool breeze come into the room. Her brow furrowed as she shot a worried glance in Momiji’s direction; his gentle snores giving away his position in the darkness. She didn’t want to disturb the younger boy, but she was too restless to sleep. She found herself stepping outside and sliding the door closed with a soft swish. She glanced up almost automatically. It was an exceptionally clear night and the moon was bright, but not so full as to obscure the view of the stars in the darkened sky.

She walked around the outside of the building, enjoying the feel of the breeze against her skin. The wood planks of the walkway were cool against the bottoms of her bare feet. She was more than a bit surprised to find the porch already occupied. Kyo glance up at her from his seat on the edge of the walkway. She took up the space next to him, carefully tucking her robe around her as she sat down.

“Kyo-kun. It’s late, what are you doing up?” Her soft voice sounded loud in the still of the night.

“That damn mouse…as if I could sleep with him around.” He looked at her briefly before glancing away again with a slightly guarded expression. “Why aren’t you asleep?”

She giggled at the way he managed to sound concerned and irritated at the same time. “Momiji-kun was snoring a little bit and it was keeping me awake. He looked so cute though that I didn’t want to bother him. He must have tired himself out today because he’s sleeping really well.”

Kyo felt a surge of jealousy at the affectionate tone of Tohru’s voice as she was speaking of his younger cousin. “Idiot! You shouldn’t be sharing a room with that brat anyway!” he hissed at her.

“Ah…I’m sorry. I didn’t think anything was wrong with it. I only wanted everyone to have a good time. I’m sorry,” she apologized.

“Tohru…I didn’t mean…well, I did mean it but…” He let out an impatient sigh. “All I’m saying is that you shouldn’t always be so worried about everyone else. You let yourself get taken advantage of because you’re too nice to people.”

“Perhaps that’s so,” she allowed. “But mother always said that I should be myself. It would feel wrong to act any other way.”

Kyo grunted in response. He was somewhat mollified by her explanation; Tohru would be Tohru, after all. He still didn’t like that she was so trusting, so naïve. But if she weren’t those things, she wouldn’t be Tohru, would she?

They sat in companionable silence for several minutes, each completely at ease in the other’s presence. Tohru shivered slightly and scooted closer to Kyo’s side. She stopped herself before she got too close, though. She was ever conscious of his nearness and what could happen were she to move too near to him in just the wrong way. She felt her face heat when she realized how much she enjoyed being so close to him and how much closer she wished she could be. To be held by Kyo…but that was impossible.

He gave her a sideways look from beneath his long bangs. Tohru fought the urge to brush them away. She gave him a sly smile and told him he needed a haircut but he said nothing. His gaze then wandered over to her hair, where the ribbon Yuki had given her earlier that night was still tied.

“I didn’t give you anything.”

“No, that’s not true! Kyo-kun has given me so very much.”

His face reddened suspiciously as he looked away from her. “I have?” he questioned softly.

“Of course! Kyo-kun is a very generous person. He even agreed to come on this trip because of me! But, besides that, Kyo-kun has let me get to know him better, which is most important to me. And…ano…he lets me cry when I want to, even though it bothers him.”

He snorted. “I’m the one that’s usually making you feel bad in the first place,” he mumbled in an effort to hide his astonishment. Did she really think so highly of him? Well, she was entirely too trusting, he told himself.

“But, it’s Kyo-kun’s heartfelt apologies that make it alright,” she insisted.

He looked at her then, his expression unreadable. “You…you really believe that, don’t you?”

She nodded emphatically causing loose strands of hair to fly around her face in a haphazard fashion. He reached up to tuck the stray strands back behind her ear. She shivered at his touch. Tohru caught his gaze once again wandering to the pretty yellow ribbon.

It was just like that damn mouse to give her something that was so utterly perfect for her. With a slight frown, he pulled the ribbon slowly from her hair and placed it in her hands. When she gave him a curious look he said, “I don’t want you to wear it when I kiss you.”

Her eyes widened with surprise, and her heart gave a lurch, but for an entirely different reason. “When you k-kiss me?”

He nodded. His eyes became heavy lidded giving him a lazy appearance, belying the turmoil he was feeling inside. What would happen if she refused? What would happen if she didn’t? Whatever happened, things between them were changed now; they couldn’t go back to the way they were before.

“It’s not much, as far as presents go…” he murmured.

Kyo reached up with both hands to gently cup her face and tip it up towards him. His hands then moved to grip the hair on either side of her face; it was so soft, like strands of silk. Carefully he pulled her face ever closer towards his own.

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Saturday, April 26, 2003
Geez, Louise.

I took a short break from Hana-chan to work on the Kyoru...and omg. It's taking me FOREVER to write the H/H fic...so slow...gah, but the Kyoru...I just started it and I already have more than a page written. *sigh* Go figure.

Ah well.

I don't think anything will be finished anytime this weekend though...well, perhaps Sunday night...maybe. If rl doesn't intrude too much. Darn work.

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Wee, I think I'm almost finished chapter one of the Haru/Hana-chan fic. I decided to make it a multipart fic because I don't think it could be pulled off in a one shot, at least not the way I'm writing it. Not sure how many parts it will be...two at least, probably no more than three. I made some progress this afternoon. Unfortunately, I have to go to work now. Bleh. I have plans to work on it when I get home though. *nod nod* Must finish. Must finish. Must finish!

Belinda, thanks for the encouragement. *hugs* I might write the Kyoru, just to take a break from Hana-chan. Tohru is easy to write for me because she's so incredibly emotional. Hehe. Besides, I geuss I shouldn't let fic ideas go to waste...I get so few of them. lol

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